Photographs cannot quite capture the intensity of the light.

Cities represent to me how important other people are for each of us. They are a generative force because of the presence, actions, and collaboration of other people.

I appreciate this in a new way since the pandemic, wherein other people were taken away from many of us. Robbing us of the delight in friends and the possibilities and mystery of new connections.

Look at this for a contextualizing visual.



Mark Zuckerberg. I take your dream for a dystopian future based on a book and spit upon it.

Where is a future dream for the good of humanity?

Where is your creativity?

Oh yeah, you and some friends created Facebook. It’s great you pretend it was all you. This was a digital copy of a yearbook. Creative? No. Dumb luck in the right place and time plus white male privilege? Yes.

Divest yourselves of Facebook my peoples, and shuck off this idiocy.

Furthest thing from “meta” possible.